Or Nah’s Story

I spent much of my twenties fishing for Black cool. To go into the details just wouldn’t be PC. Let’s just say I didn’t get the name OR NAH for nothing. This soul-searching journey came full circle around the time of my Saturn Return. Only recently having been the most promising MFA Fine Arts candidate from sunny, suburban California, running mad through the urban jungle my sanity (and art career) were completely flying off the rails. I found myself making unfocused internet art like a sad, three-legged dog in a studio I could barely afford. 



  Lil Bance on My Based Gods, 2012, performative video sculpture

In hindsight I see that I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of shame and blame, comfortable being small, and angry at THE PATRIARCHY (and anyone who was getting ahead). Whether I was giving my power away to the temp job, the culture of compare and despair or the magical other, I wasn’t allowing myself to experience worthiness.  Whereas in adolescence I had felt too fat, amongst my punk-PC feminist milieau I was too white. By the time I had finally learned to love my goddess-given form, I was too old. It’s not that I didn’t believe I would one day become a successful, self-supporting artist of world renown. I was just terrified of being seen and didn’t feel comfortable letting myself shine. This is the story of me creating a masterpiece of a life in the key of OR NAH. 

One day  I was ecstatic-dancing to Pharrel’s HAPPY (ironically) at my teacher Siri Rishi’s Kundalini Yoga studio in Harlem when ancestral winds of time eternal intervened. At the time I was reppin’ my queer sex-positive feminist on one side (half of head shaved) and down-ass chic on the other (pastel rainbow microbraids). The braids threw off my balance. The doctor called it a stripper’s fracture because it was a common break of dancers. I didn’t know it was broken for two weeks because I refused to stop working. Even though I was making mostly bad art for no pay and hating all my side hustles.


Swagophilia’s $ong of Fleshy Wind, 2014, performative video sculpture

The broken foot landed me on my Mom’s couch on the West Coast. Not bad considering her temporary lodging overlooked miles of aquamarine San Francisco bay. Her spot was filled with healing instruments from around the world and books on books about Goddess Worship. For over a month I did seated yoga, read about Matrifocal religion and materialized magical remote work that came to me despite my escalating scarcity mentality. I was forced to ground, and in the process discovered my roots. In books about Mother rites and rituals of prehistory, I made scintillating connections between what I perceived to be the sparkling aspects of Black culture I most cherished and externalized with my own lineage as a mixed European of Italian, Irish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian descent. LIGHTBULB: At one point we all worshipped essentially similar archetypes and danced in reverence for the earth. We all come from complex and overlapping lineages of magic, ritual and art as life. Hobbling on one foot, I learned to trust the universe would provide. And I let go of the self-loathing.

Well, you know what happens next, right? Fast forward through more brutal years of artist bohemia to having my first child with the love of my life UNDAKOVA.


Shiva/Shakti photo by Laura Weyl

Having found my twin flame (a Black man who identified more with white girl swag) we would slowly go from SURVIVING to THRIVING. Sure It was a rocky couple of first years when our son Kali was born. I was delighted in many ways with motherhood and relished in the supernatural love that can only be shared between a Mother and Son. Tantric cross-pollination with UNDAKOVA was the blossoming of a sweet, grounded mature adult partnership. Working together as the pioneers of Hip Hop Yoga, we were an all or nothing, no back up plan *ride or cry* 😭 kind of Love.

Through mirroring and much vulnerability in the great dance of shadows and passion, we challenged one another to stop giving our power away. I let go of feeling guilty for existing, making myself small, people pleasing and giving my power away. I took hold of the karmic wheel and decided that – no matter what – I was going to be happy. I was going to be grateful for the true wealth in my life and stop measuring myself against this culture of  hyper materialism, achievement and competition. I was going to give equal dignity to my role as a Mother and my role as the visionary, paradigm-shifting High Prieztezz OR NAH, pioneer of Hip Hop Yoga. I started by saying NO to the small stuff so I could say YES to the big stuff.


Blood Magik/ Birth Herstories: A Rebirth Ritual, Speak-out & Soundscape, 2017,  Ultracultural Others, Open Source Gallery, “Reimagining Tradition” photo credit: Ajna Matthes

Was it hard? It’s still hard. I still get in my own way. I show up with all of this junk swirling in my mind, self-loathing, blaming others, anger, distrust, bitterness at the Man, my cultural conditioning and sense that I am powerless to achieve any real victory against the evil I perceive in this world. Ultimately what I gave up was the reactionary impulse. One slow, measured step at a time – I found my right rhythm. Together with UNDAKOVA I’ve built a grassroots, rhizomatic network of radical change-makers through our ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS urban mystery skool based in the principles of Hip Hop Yoga, a sacred arts modality we’ve co-piloted since 2011. 

And slowly, people have started to get more and more curious about what we are doing. In the lineage of my Mom, who has long time served Women finding their voice, I began to walk the walk and teach by example, as Mother, Yogi, Artist and High Prieztezz OR NIZZLE  (in all my ratchet grace) – unapologetically sharing my wisdom with the world in service of other agents of the divine. They don’t make an IQ test for empathy, creativity and cultural accountability but at the Urban Mystery Skool we long been counting amongst our blessings these and all the “healthy wealth” our culture at large disavows. 


Blood Magik/ Birth Herstories, 2017

In 2020, as the Patriarchy continues to fall, we’re offering a 4-week High Priextexx Hip Hop intensive led by myself & UNDAKOVA. Click the link to learn more.



Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 7.53.09 AM

My experience with the Mystery Skool

I was born and raised in Waco, Texas. The culture in rural Texas is very much as you would picture in movies; people drinking beer, fishing, riding pick up trucks, and most people love hunting. I didn’t really have any resources for art. I moved to Austin, Texas not long after I turned 18 and found an interesting world there. Art was plentiful and easy to access. Although after going most of my life being told that art was for “snowflakes” I was hesitate of doing anything art related. I ended up spending my days in Austin as a frustrated punk rocker who drank all the time. I didn’t even use any of the resources for art nor did I reach out to any of the art communities. My cultural background left such a huge imprint on me that it took a long time to shake off.


Right before my 25th birthday, I moved to Denver, Colorado. I moved there to attend university and pursue a degree in anthropology. Before leaving Texas, I began to experiment with painting animal bones and creating them into art pieces. This desire followed me when I arrived in Denver. In between my studies, I began creating pieces that involved animal bones and other materials. My focus in the university is a field called zooarchaeology, which is the study of animal bones in an archaeological context. When discovering this field of study I felt like I found my true calling. It felt like my art and scientific research bled together. It was the first time I felt like I found myself in both art and science. I began working in a zoology lab and had the opportunity to learn about the bones I had been painting for several years. It made my passion for zoology and art flourish.


I loved my work, however I didn’t know how to get past a certain point in my art. I noticed I was creating so many pieces, yet I started to lose space on where to keep them. I also didn’t know how to get my art work exposed to larger audiences. Nor did I have the confidence to begin compiling a portfolio and CV.

I first discovered the group Go Push Pop several years ago. This lead me to finding Ultracultural Others. I was extremely drawn to this groups work, especially the goddess and yoni worship that their art displayed. The connection between the family in their photos also gave me a feeling of community before I ever met them. After reading a call for applications for their residency, I felt I had to apply. Not long after I was accepted, I spent six months traveling through Europe and North Africa. During these travels, I found new inspiration for my artwork and also a new sense of confidence that I didn’t have before. I settled in Cairo, Egypt for three of these months and I began creating more art. However, it still felt like something was missing.



I left Egypt and came to New York City to complete my residency with Ultracultural Others. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when arriving. All I knew was that I was lost in this art world and I needed some guidance. I took two courses with Or Nah High Priestezz (Katie), where one was called Yoni (Pussy) Whispering. This course dove into goddess and yoni worship and different archaeological evidence of this in the past. We also discussed how it is being practiced in modern ways. I felt like I was learning another side of archaeology, a side that was never taught in my classes. In the university, we were always focused on the male perspective. This helped me find strength in my own self from seeing what my foremothers have given to this earth. It helped me find a new narrative in life that has given me new meaning in my field of study. I also took a brief course with UNDAKOVA (David) that focused on how to get out of the starving artist routine. He discussed with me better ways of looking at my art and skill sets. He showed me ways of turning my skills into potential money making opportunities. I felt a new sense of hope of not having to work one shitty job to the next just to pay my bills. These jobs usually left me so tired, it would take all of my energy to complete any art work. Now I have the resources to complete my art on my own terms and pay my bills.


My residency ends in less than a week. I will be presenting an art installation I completed during my time in NYC at an event hosted by Ultracultural Others and their partner studio De-Construkt. I will also be giving a performance with this piece as well. I lived in the studio space of De-Construkt, which had the space I needed to work on my installation. For artists who work on large pieces such as myself, you need this type of space to properly execute these pieces. I feel confident and prepared for my upcoming performance. The art installation and performance I have been working on was an idea I had in mind before I left Denver six months ago. After my travels and working with Ultracultural Others, I feel like I have the tools I need to be the artist I’ve always wanted to be.

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The Digital Spellcast


While I was at the Urban Mystery Skool I had the pleasure of performing a piece I created called Digital Spellcast. Listed below is a brief history of its creation.


Acid Orphan and me performing Digital Spellcast at De-Construkt

At the beginning of the winter of 2014 something tragic occurred in my life. I separated from my husband of 5 years. The emotional trauma that hit me was so intense it launched me into a manic episode of epic proportions.

I had a work friend named Andrea (a rapper, who performs under the moniker Acid Orphan). She and I existed parallel to one another, with an amicable yet not particularly intimate relationship. One night we had to stay at our jobs until the wee hours of the morning for store inventory. As we were wrapping up, I was discussing astrology with the group. Andrea (a Virgo) made a skeptical comment about the topic of astrology. To that I replied (rather impishly), “that is such a Virgo thing to say.”

My comment angered her so much that I launched her into a manic episode of her own, causing her to trudge through the Philadelphia snow barefoot and take a $100+ dollar cab ride to her parents’ place in West Chester. While at her parents’ she began writing a short story that is really one of her finest pieces to date. It involved a deep analysis of the inner workings of society with a classification system for different personality types (we’re all either Emperors/Empresses/Emperxs, Oracles or Maniacs–but that’s another story for a different time). She realized she wouldn’t have written such a story had I not provoked her, and so she gave me a phone call which would forever change our lives.

We spoke feverishly about the cosmic plane and how the world worked. Suddenly life made so much sense to us and we felt this immense connection with one another. It’s difficult to explain outside of the throes of mania, but I think you get the picture. We called what we shared between us the Mega-Brain. This is the moment when our fates became intertwined. It was the moment our parallel lines intersected.

Once she left West Chester she came to my empty house in Fishtown where we began a month-long sleepover that would eventually evolve into another performance piece/immersive art experience we called the Cosmic Treehouse. During the first days of the forever sleepover Andrea and I shared many ideas, hardly sleeping at all. Keyed up, we wrote down every idea that occurred to us on pages and pages of computer paper with a red Santa marker. We compiled these pages into a book we call the Maniac Bible.



Some pages of The Maniac Bible

Naturally, compiling this list of ideas was very important to us, and within our manic logic it took precedence over going into work. One night (perhaps the first night?) we were texting everyone we knew, desperately trying to get our shifts covered to no avail.

I had been studying the principles of magic and spellcasting prior to this mania, and Andrea and I had been fervently discussing the intersection between magic and technology. It was then that we concluded that a text message is not unlike a spell. Think about it: you write an intention down on a tablet (in this case, your phone) and you send it out into the ether with the expectation that it will garner the results you desire.

I came to this realization; if a text message is a spell and technology is really just a form of magic, then we can harness that energy (or at least try) in order to get our shifts covered, right? So in that moment I came up with the following process:

  • Find a spellcasting partner (in this case, it was Andrea)
  • Write your intentions down on a piece of paper
  • Both of you take a screenshot of the spell
  • Take the spell outside and burn it, distributing its ashes into the air
  • Go back inside, sit down and send one another the screenshot you’ve just taken
  • Take a screenshot of your conversation, send one another the screenshot
  • Take another screenshot of your conversation, send one another that screenshot
  • Continue this process until the images begin to look like little pieces of ash
  • Your spellcast is complete, sit back and wait for the results to come in
  • Try to distract yourself

Analog spell being burnt

I should probably mention that this was during a full moon super moon. That’s sort of a side note, but kind of relevant to the story.

We went through this process and then went back into my living room to continue our prior conversation. Just as we began to forget we had even done the spell, we received a text message from three different coworkers at 3:33 am! All of them were offering to cover our shifts. Three had become a very important number to us, without any knowledge of its magical importance. We screamed our heads off, angering my tight ass neighbors. The spell had worked! We have performed many spellcasts since and they’ve always garnered positive results, and this is how the Digital Spellcast came to be.


Digital ashes

The High Priestess


A doodle I did of the High Priestess


During my time at the Urban Mystery Skool, I was fortunate enough to take a class with the wonderful Ashni called Demystifying Divination. I am a tarot reader myself so naturally, most of the divination portion of our class focused on developing greater intuition when it comes to reading the cards.

Upon our first meeting (we went to the Cloisters), she asked me about my birth card and whether or not there was a card in particular I felt some sort of connection to. They both happen to be the same card: The High Priestess. She’s very special to me. I couldn’t quite articulate my compulsion toward her then and I still can’t now, but you know what? Part of the High Priestess is about developing a comfortable relationship with the unknown. However, I’m getting ahead of myself…

Ashni asked me to focus on the High Priestess during the upcoming weeks. I was to meditate upon the card, think about her as a personality and emulate the way she would dress were she a live person. I even went so far as to sleep with the card under my pillow until I crumpled it by accident, and then I put it on my nightstand.

I began having the wildest, most vivid dreams. I found myself being a lot more quiet. I found myself observing and taking in much more detail than I had before. The world began to burn a little brighter.

Upon thinking about the way she would dress, I realized I did not have the right wardrobe and if I were to acquire a lot of swishy garments and layers and dress in dark colors (like I imagine she would), the July heat was not exactly in my favor. Most days I opted for shorts and a t-shirt out of the need for survival.


A special charm given to me by a man named Buck


I did feel drawn to a piece of jewelry I own that I think aligns with her in many ways. It’s a charm that was gifted to me by a man I barely know named Buck. It’s a clear stone that’s inset with a black background and three golden symbols: a cross, the Star of David and a crescent moon. These three come together to represent the Abrahamic religions. I am not trying to make a commentary on any religion, nor am I trying to exclude other religions in this dialogue. What I am trying to say is that I felt this charm was something the High Priestess may adorn herself with. In fact, if you look at the High Priestess in the classic Rider-Waite deck, you’ll see that she holds the Torah with a crescent moon at her feet and a cross on her chest.



The High Priestess in the Rider-Waite deck


Now what does this all mean? Well, I don’t think the High Priestess excludes other religions any more than I do. What I do think is that having these three religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) represented in one place speaks to wisdom and understanding. Now, the moon and cross in the High Priestess card don’t traditionally represent Christianity and Islam (like they obviously do in the pendant), but the beauty about reading Tarot intuitively is that the symbols are ascribed whatever meaning you see in them! Also what a weird coincidence, no?

Wisdom and understanding! Those aren’t the only things the High Priestess represents, but for the sake of the length of this blog post, let’s focus on those two things. I did the same thing in my exploration of her this summer at the Urban Mystery Skool. I had to narrow things down, because she has a lot of meaning to unpack, and wisdom and understanding alone can mean so many different things.

I began to focus on what wisdom means. I felt if I figured this out then I could nail understanding because one can’t really exist without the other. I thought about this long and hard. What is wisdom? I meditated upon it and wrote about it in my journal. Obviously wisdom can mean so many things but what does it mean in the context of the High Priestess? I didn’t really find a definition that satisfied me.

Speaking of coincidences, my entire experience this July with Ultracultural Others was filled with synchronicities. As I was pondering all of this, we had our new moon wellness ritual, Dream Beat. It was wonderful, and I can go on about that forever. However as we sat in a circle, UNDAKOVA asked the most synchronistic question of all: “What does wisdom mean to you?”

I realized that was what I had been doing wrong. It’s why I hadn’t come up with a satisfactory answer for the meaning of wisdom. I wasn’t supposed to be thinking about the academic definition of wisdom, I had to think about what wisdom meant to me. The tarot, after all, is about self-reflection.

I gave myself a moment to think about it, and that’s when I came up with my answer. Wisdom means sitting back and observing. It means gaining understanding of what’s around you, of what’s happening to you. It means taking a step backward and really paying attention. Most importantly, it’s about learning from what we see. That, to me, is wisdom and that is what the High Priestess taught me.


Me, holding the High Priestess card from the Herbal Tarot deck


What I Learned at Mystery Skool

  • Summed up in some open bullets:
    • The only thing holding you back is what you think you’re not
    • Babies are fun to sing and dance with (especially Kali)
    • No one in new york cares what you do with your hair
    • Also you can cry pretty much anywhere and no one bats an eye which is great
    • People use social media in very different ways
    • With instagram, what you see is what you get
    • You can’t please everyone, but you can choose not to hurt
    • Dealing with other people’s grime is easier than dealing with your own
    • Black mold can be killed with bleach
    • The staten island ferry is a great place for introspection
    • Spandex world is the best spandex store in the garment district 
    • Dancing sober is hard when you’re not used to it
    • Make your house your home and your visitors with feel it
    • Braiding hair is hard work (duh)
    • The shorter your skirt, the louder the music in your headphones better be
    • Stairwells are abundant and rarely used
    • Never trust a google search for ice cream- that shit will be $$$$
    • Quiet is important too
    • Dont avoid everyone, sometimes someone is just trying to complement your shoes
    • There’s always a city with less dog poop and a city with more
    • Serpents are everywhere
    • so are rainbows
    • Your legs will get tired if you walk 10 miles a day
    • Its windier by the river than I thought it would be
    • Instagram was made for cultural capital
    • life is paradox and there are many truths

thinking about american spiritualism
were mediums the first feminists?


Love, Kira



Screen shot 2017-07-02 at 9.58.33 AMFLYER-Intuition-is-Razor-Sharp


Friday July 14th 8-10pm FILM NIGHT

Hosted by Rebecca Goyette & Go! Push Pops with light snacks by Ayurvedic Mama

Friday July 21st

8pm workshop, 10pm-12am After Party Sound Experiment with ISIS SWABY + JMR JCBS In the workshop you will learn how to record sounds and combine the recordings from everyday objects, voice and body movement. Learn to make beats and mix sounds. Workshop concludes with beat performance by JMR JCBS and after party, featuring DJ Set from Isis Swaby.

Friday July 28th

Remedi Food Film Screening of “Seed: The Untold Story”


Mondays July 10-31st, 6:30-8pm $70 for the Series, $20 Drop-in


As a collaborative model at the frontlines of urban spiritual renaissance, ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS is an intentional community and wellness immersive Urban Mystery Skool combining the best of the artist residency, spiritual retreat, shamanic initiation, alternative education platform and intentional community. Learn more at ultraculturalothers.ontrapages.com

UltCult Residency Review by Katie Macyshyn

Standing at the peak of passion and profession, Ultracultural Others: Urban Mystery Skool for Radical Creatives was exactly the conscious realignment I needed to re-realize my creative dreams.


Looking through my third eye and receiving abundance after performing at Under St. Mark’s

When I was in art school, I was on fire. Making and talking about art became second nature. What I did not learn in school was how to support an art practice. Throughout some years of trial and error, and more error, I began to get bitter. I started coveting others’ success, feeling there was not enough to go around, comparing myself, snidely thinking I was better or more deserving. Only through some grace did I start meditating. I found that when I had a smile behind my eyes the world was different. I found a full-time job as an art teacher, which while fulfilling, was an emotional roller coaster from daily classroom management and conflict resolution. I dug deeper into healing, studying various religions, meditation techniques, and holistic healing modalities. This call for healing guided me through a stressful job, my partner having a serious health scare, and my dissatisfaction with not being an “artist” but an art teacher. After leaving the job, my expansion was fast and miraculous. I realized that lack is a figment of the ego-mind, that living with gratitude brought abundance, and that there is no such thing as a possession. The only worthwhile thing there is is love, which is in an infinite supply through the people around you and the universe itself. That’s the backstory….


A tarot reading by Ashni at the Morgan Library and Museum in the form of the rose cross. This was a powerful reminder of how to maintain openness.

I found Ultracultural Others at the point I declared art would be my first priority. I was looking for residencies and knew that “radical creative” was exactly the tribe I sought. I wasn’t exactly sure what the program was or what I would be doing, but I was excited to be doing whatever it was with like-minded individuals. Upon arrival, I was surprised to be living with the artists I had been corresponding with and their beautiful baby. How would I bring strangers over at night?! After the initial surprise subsided, I was delighted to stay with them. Katie and Undakova create an enveloping sense of beauty, magic, and calm in their home. Through morning yoga, meditation, ritual song, chanting, incense, a fridge full of healthy food, and the occasional dance break, the Ultracultural Others family made me feel immediately open and secure. (And their view is fantastic.)


This was the one day of January when it snowed. Instead of going to a “music video party” we had a dance party at home, complete with spooky makeup and video art. 

As per the program, the days were mostly unstructured, giving me plenty of time to rest, write, draw, and do my homework assignments for my Mystery Skool courses. The programs I chose were Doula’s Apprentice and Demystifying Divination. Though the curriculum was tightly compacted, the expertise of my instructors allowed me to ask questions on anything that came up. I’ve been introduced to concepts that open up wide new avenues of learning. So much so that I had a revelation to continue academic pursuits in the field of transpersonal art therapy.


A photo Katie snapped of me at Jennifer Rubell’s opening at Sargeant’s Daughters. The Ultracultural Others apartment is close to so many great galleries.

Don’t think it was all work and no play, however. I was provided frequent e-mail updates on art events and opportunities as per my interests from Katie. I even got to participate in the premier of DREAM BEAT, a healing dance ritual hosted by Ultracultural Others which was one of the highlights of my stay. Other highlights include biking across the Williamsburg bridge at 4AM under the full moon, a women’s shamanic circle led by Siri Rishi, and a unicorn themed rave. Being around so many inspiring light workers allowed me to blossom in my own somatic and psychic intelligence. For someone toying with the idea of moving to NYC, this program was the perfect sampler, providing resources, inspiration, and friends I will not soon forget.


Katie squared dressed up for DREAM BEAT.

If you are a self-starter who can structure your days in a productive way, you will feel right at home in this program and in NYC. I had such a fulfilling experience and am heading back to Baltimore with an open heart and a clear mind in order to continue affecting change through art. Thank you, Ultracultural Others!


Sacred Geometry + Pinterest :-P

After much trial and error, I’ve finally completed this wall! As you can see from the UltraCultural Others Insta account, I was quite pleased with myself the first go round.unnamed-3.jpg

Unfortunately for me the fabric was all on the floor 2 days later…

The tape was not strong enough. Embracing my Pinterest obsession, I  decided to use a technique I’d read about which involves “gluing” fabric onto walls using liquid starch. I couldn’t find liquid starch anywhere, (Google leads me to believe you can only get it at Walmart. Ew) so I made some with corn starch, water, and lemon juice for smell. I’ve never wanted to eat glue quite so badly.

Using the liquid starch for the fabric and tape, to tape up the tape, I made a new, more sturdy fabric wall that is not going anywhere. TAH DA!unnamed.jpg

I was inspired by my course in divination, led by Ashni, to create an homage to sacred geometry. Each number from 1-10 has a specific personality and connection to the tarot and creation of the universe. Here’s a snapshot of what I think they all mean:

  1. Unity
  2. Separation or Doorway
  3. Balanced path
  4. Birth of depth
  5. Regeneration
  6. Perfect Number
  7. Virgin
  8. Periodic Renewal
  9. The Horizon
  10. Eternity


Though it’s a lot to take in, I’ve found sketching through concepts in numerology crucial for my understanding of them. Here are some!

left: Deconstructing a square. Also called “Weave of the Goddess”

right: Sketch of the inner and outer ear, showing spirals in anatomy. The shape of the cochlea corresponds to how chromatic musical octaves appear when graphed as wave-lengths. Each note is identical to those directly above or below it on the spiral but with a one-octave difference. 

Vibe with us at DREAM BEAT


Dream Beat is a contemporary wellness party ritual drawing together creative (radical) visionaries, conscious parents and young ones for community healing, divine incantation, song, dance, cultural dreaming, drums and the linking of magic to everyday Life. This high vibration sacred wellness ritual draws together a diverse cross-section of New Yorkers who wish to connect to the divinity found in the mind, sacred arts and nature. Let go of the past and rise up to move and groove in community with presence and peace of mind.

Auspicious peaks of the Lunar calendar such as this new moon in Aquarius are the best time to set intentions and through the sacred medicine of music and movement, recognize your body as a medium of the greater Cosmos. Co-led by Undakova and rotating featured artists, our DREAM BEAT events will allow you to collectively practice high vibration movement such as the 8 Ways TM by UNDAKOVA, a holistic technique designed to cultivate strength of mind and body, clarity of vision and total heart expansion. Dream Beat invokes the language of the Goddess expressed by poets, shamans, artists and emcees as pathways between worlds, a sacred space where the names and forms of false consciousness disappear. Come together with our Dream Beat tribe to reinvigorate your purpose for many moons to come.

/ / / / DETAILS / / / /

Please arrive promptly at 7pm for a healing SONIC GONG MEDITATION led by Siri Rishi Kaur, doors close at 8pm

CREATING THE CHAKRAS Live Performance by performance artist, curator, and yoga teacher Brinyy Summer

Damali Abrams the Glitter Priestess will share magical infusions, elixirs and potions to heal contemporary maladies. Offerings include enchanted handmade herbal and flower remedies, and other otherworldly surprises.

Cacao Medicine Balls handmade with Love by AyurvedicMama

Sunder Ashni offering Divination Readings, Flower Essences & Herbs

DREAM BEAT WEBSITE: http://undakova.ontrapages.com/events

$20 Early Bird price on Eventbrite, $25 at the door

Friday January 27th, starts at 7, doors close at 8

Sixth Street Community Center

638 East 6th Street

New York, NY 10009