Hunting Manual for Detectives, Monks, and Others

A Mystery Skool Production

by Female Background aka Gabriella D’Italia

Let this serve as both a Hunting Manual for Detectives, Monks, and Others as well as a Manual for the creation of the Manual. It will unfold in six parts for contemplation and practice.

  1. Post Truth Invocation
  2. Definitions
  3. Common Notions
  4. Preparation and Conditions
  5. Propositions
  6. Reporting

Post Truth Invocation of Reality:

He was wearing a purple turtleneck sweater, his favorite burgundy slacks and sensible black walking shoes. He has a full head of dark, disheveled hair, and his vigorously overgrown eyebrows sweep several unsettling centimeters up beyond the rim of his round spectacles, like a nun’s cornette. “Even this notion of a common world we didn’t have to articulate, because it was obvious,” he continued. “Now we have people who no longer share the idea that there is a common world. And that of course changes everything.”


Head by Female Background


Hunting: A continuous attempt by an automatically controlled system to find a desired equilibrium condition.

Monk: One who dedicates her life to serving all other living beings, or who leaves society and lives her life in prayer and contemplation.

Detective: One who collects information and through an alchemy of linear time and cultural mandates, transforms them into clues. She talks to witnesses and informants, collects physical evidence, or searches records. She examines and evaluates her clues to uncover identity and whereabouts.

Other: Extra. Background.




Animals, Patterns, & Piles by Female Background (Mask Image by Jessie Mott)

Common Notions:

Exact repetition is impossible but we understand it none-the-less.

You can’t see it unless you’ve seen it before.


Bloodstone Moon by Female Background

Preparation and Conditions:

Gather 3-12 participants, optimally 9.

Choose an auspicious night for a Hunter’s Training Ceremony which will result in the production of the Hunting Manual for Detectives, Monks, and Others. The Hunter’s Moon, also known as the Blood Moon, creates an auspicious space for this practice.  In preparing for winter, this particular full moon signifies a time when the needs of the collective are more important than the needs of individuals. People  come together for survival; both physical and spiritual. A full moon marks a time when intuitive abilities are at their peak, as are feelings and emotions. These abilities heighten communication within the pack of hunters. Collective purpose channels energy.

Select a Bloodstone and charge it with the thought, SURVIVAL, for a minimum of 3 nights prior to the Training Ceremony. Bloodstone is used traditionally to enhance intuitive capacity and is unique in its ability to balance that sense of receptivity with being grounded. This grounding relates to balancing the root chakra, when balanced this activates a secure foundation through basic elements of shelter, food, and sex. The charging of the stone can be achieved by holding it and meditating on the chosen concept. Then, write the concept word, survival, on a piece of paper and wrap the stone. Place the wrapped stone on a windowsill until the time of the training ceremony.

Provide two sheets of paper for each participant, one for notes and one for drawing. Provide a drawing implement per participant.

Memorize the two statements to be given for translation during the ceremony:

The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.

The fur cat howls at the daylight.


You Be Me by Female Background


1. Invite participants to gather, seated, in a circle on the floor.

2. Lead a three part meditation. Each part lasts from 1 or 3 minutes for a total of 3 or 9 minutes of meditation.

i. Concentrative meditation: focus on the breath for 1 or 3 minutes.

ii. Mindfulness meditation: move from awareness of the breath to awareness of the body for 1 or 3 minutes.

iii. Open awareness meditation: move from an awareness of the body to an awareness of the room and the other participants. Practice for 1 or 3 minutes.

3. Lead a two part verbal translation exercise. Repeating each exercise 9 times.

i. In part one, speak aloud to the person on your left: “The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.” (Excerpt from Plate 9 of William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.)


That participant repeats the line to the person on her left as faithfully as possible, but without interruption even if faithfulness is not achieved. This process continues around the circle 9 times ending with the person to your right. Record the final, resultant iteration.

ii. In part two of the verbal translation exercise, whisper to the person on your left: The fur cat howls at daylight.

That participant whispers what she hears to the person on her left and so on until the process completes the circle 9 times, ending with the person to your right. Record the resultant iteration.

4. Unwrap the charged bloodstone and hold it while contemplating the charge: survival. When ready, hand it to the participant on the left. Each participant will hold the bloodstone until she comes to an intuition, be it sound, image, or concept. At that point, she will pass the bloodstone to her left until each participant has held the stone. Each participant will record the intuition, silently writing. Collect writing.

5. Finally, each participant has been given an identical sheet of paper and a drawing implement. (Mark one sheet of paper with a small hole in the upper right hand corner.) Each participant will draw for 1 minute and then pass the paper to her left. Each participant will draw for another minute on the drawing now in her possession. This process continues until one cycle is completed. This is indicated when the paper with the hole returns to it’s original scribe. This process can be repeated 1, 3, 6, or 9 times, the images becoming successively more detailed. Collect all drawings.


The reporting process for the practice results in the compilation of information into the Hunting Manual for Detectives, Monks, and Others.

Include the six sections from these instructions. Start with a Post Truth Invocation of Reality of your choosing and follow with the next successive categories as given: Definitions, Common Notions, Preparation and Conditions, Propositions, and Reporting

Then include the statement:

“The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.” Follow it with the resultant final iteration from the first part of proposition 1.

Then include the statement: “The fur cat howls at daylight.” Follow it with the resultant final iteration from the second part of proposition 1.

Include each participant’s Bloodstone intuition.

Include all drawings.

Sign with peace.

The Hunting Manual for Detectives, Monks, and Others is now complete.


Peace be with you.

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