Beast Coast Reflection

Hey there, I’m Tristen!! I had the pleasure of studying under Priestess Or Nah and Undakova with the White Tantra and Monk Mojo course on January.  With the White Tantra course, we explore the practices of Kundalini Yoga and balancing the chakras points through those practices. It was an intense but exciting experience. Monk Mojo, with meditation as our tool, Undakova and I explored the many topics that not only surround us as individuals but also the collective as well as free styling in a cypher! It allow me to expand on my perspective and writing and gave me the chance to also come more into tarot reading (even though the picture below are oracle cards… but technicalities)


The goal for studying with these two artists was to come into my authenticity as an artist and express myself through my art. I definitely feel like I have reached that goal and have been continuously learning about myself through each coming day. Here is one of the pieces that I wrote while studying under them:

You see…
Our original sin was that we thought we was everything but love
Composited in systems to oppress our truth
Witnessing the consequences in a full frontal assault
Why do we tilt our heads in shame?
Why can’t we face them without fear?
Why can’t we face them without blame?
Why can’t we face them without hate?
As if everything is seperate from itself
Your hate is light unaware of itself as you hide in the darkness
Forcing the darkness to consume all in front of you
I ask why can’t you see the truth in front of you?
I ask without shaming you
I ask without hating you
I ask because I see you in me
I ask because I see your pain in front of me
I ask because I see your light in front of me.
You see…
Our original sin was that we thought we was everything but love
But you forgot that love is everything plus more
You forgot that love made miracles countless times
You forgot love is unconditional…
So what is your answer and… remember
No matter what, I will respond with love for me and love for you
So I ask you
What is stopping you from truly loving yourself?

It was an awesome and fun experience and I definitely express my gratitude for having the opportunity to learn from them!