What I Learned at Mystery Skool

  • Summed up in some open bullets:
    • The only thing holding you back is what you think you’re not
    • Babies are fun to sing and dance with (especially Kali)
    • No one in new york cares what you do with your hair
    • Also you can cry pretty much anywhere and no one bats an eye which is great
    • People use social media in very different ways
    • With instagram, what you see is what you get
    • You can’t please everyone, but you can choose not to hurt
    • Dealing with other people’s grime is easier than dealing with your own
    • Black mold can be killed with bleach
    • The staten island ferry is a great place for introspection
    • Spandex world is the best spandex store in the garment district 
    • Dancing sober is hard when you’re not used to it
    • Make your house your home and your visitors with feel it
    • Braiding hair is hard work (duh)
    • The shorter your skirt, the louder the music in your headphones better be
    • Stairwells are abundant and rarely used
    • Never trust a google search for ice cream- that shit will be $$$$
    • Quiet is important too
    • Dont avoid everyone, sometimes someone is just trying to complement your shoes
    • There’s always a city with less dog poop and a city with more
    • Serpents are everywhere
    • so are rainbows
    • Your legs will get tired if you walk 10 miles a day
    • Its windier by the river than I thought it would be
    • Instagram was made for cultural capital
    • life is paradox and there are many truths

thinking about american spiritualism
were mediums the first feminists?


Love, Kira