Sacred Geometry + Pinterest :-P

After much trial and error, I’ve finally completed this wall! As you can see from the UltraCultural Others Insta account, I was quite pleased with myself the first go round.unnamed-3.jpg

Unfortunately for me the fabric was all on the floor 2 days later…

The tape was not strong enough. Embracing my Pinterest obsession, I  decided to use a technique I’d read about which involves “gluing” fabric onto walls using liquid starch. I couldn’t find liquid starch anywhere, (Google leads me to believe you can only get it at Walmart. Ew) so I made some with corn starch, water, and lemon juice for smell. I’ve never wanted to eat glue quite so badly.

Using the liquid starch for the fabric and tape, to tape up the tape, I made a new, more sturdy fabric wall that is not going anywhere. TAH DA!unnamed.jpg

I was inspired by my course in divination, led by Ashni, to create an homage to sacred geometry. Each number from 1-10 has a specific personality and connection to the tarot and creation of the universe. Here’s a snapshot of what I think they all mean:

  1. Unity
  2. Separation or Doorway
  3. Balanced path
  4. Birth of depth
  5. Regeneration
  6. Perfect Number
  7. Virgin
  8. Periodic Renewal
  9. The Horizon
  10. Eternity


Though it’s a lot to take in, I’ve found sketching through concepts in numerology crucial for my understanding of them. Here are some!

left: Deconstructing a square. Also called “Weave of the Goddess”

right: Sketch of the inner and outer ear, showing spirals in anatomy. The shape of the cochlea corresponds to how chromatic musical octaves appear when graphed as wave-lengths. Each note is identical to those directly above or below it on the spiral but with a one-octave difference. 

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