Best $18 I spent in NY

Hey! Katie Macyshyn here. I’m the January resident of the Urban Mystery Skool program. As an exercise in frugality, I’ve begun documenting literally everything I spend money on. (This is a tip I picked up from Gigi Rosenberg’s Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing and figured it’d be a helpful tool in determining if NYC is a possibility for permanent residency if you feel me.) While $18 seemed steep, it was more than worth it to get to the New Museum as soon as they opened and see Swedish multimedia artist ,Pipilotti Rist’s, Pixel Forest. I know you’ve all heard about how amazing the show is, so I’ll keep it brief and just show you some pictures:


Well that’s me ^^^ The expression = awe.




When I walked into the 2nd floor installation, her cover of Wicked Game was playing. The music in concert with these scrim flags gently moving gave me a real rush of emotions. Judging by the comments on the link I wasn’t the only one.

And finally, an artistic comparison to stupider things I have spent $18 on this month…


My Barbarian is rad too on the 5th floor. Their handout is in the background of the Open My Glade (Flatten) postcard I appropriated.


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